Real Property

Whether you are buying, selling, developing or leasing there are many things that need to be considered in these types of real estate transactions. Failing to disclose or failing to observe something of importance can have severe ramifications. It is essential that any property transaction is handled by a qualified lawyer who can identify any areas of concern.

Apart from standard property sale transactions, you may want to remove a covenant on a title, you may want to apply for a change in zoning with the Council or you may want to register an interest that you have acquired in a property through a caveat. All of these areas will involve a lot more complexities, then a standard sale transaction and may have a lot at stake.

Removing a covenant may allow you to develop a site that could not be developed earlier and a change of use may allow you to put in several shops where a house once stood. The steps involved in these processes may take time, be expensive and have a lot of regulation attached. However, the returns can be enormous and consequently a lot of this success will be reliant on a good legal advisor.

We offer assistance with all types of property matters, whether they be simple or complex and can help you maximise the returns or intentions of your existing or future property.

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