Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property is the legal term, which refers to a creation of the mind. However, Intellectual Property protection does not cover every creation of the mind. Like all aspects of the Law there are various legal tests, in each Intellectual Property area, that defines what can be protected.

Intellectual property is made up of five key specific areas:





Plant Breeding

Each of these specific areas have their own tests, which determine whether protection is available. For example, a standard Patent application must show that the Invention is new, involves an inventive and has a commercial use, while an innovation patent must show not an inventive step, but an innovative step.So what is the difference? The difference is significant, but both patents have been designed to help an inventor/innovator profit from their creation.

Whatever type of Intellectual Property you have created we can give you expert advice on whether that property can be protected, what the steps are to obtain protection and the commercial steps you can take to profit from your creation, once it is protected.

We offer a full service right through from concept to commercialisation. This means that we can assist you right through from an initial idea to then developing, licensing or selling your idea.

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