Crime and Traffic

Traffic and criminal Offences can have a detrimental effect on a social and professional level. Consequently, it is essential to have good representation if you happen to find yourself in a position where you are dealing with these matters.

You may have seen on some of the police related TV programs like Motorway Patrol and RBT that some people seem to get lenient sentences for rather serious offences and some people seem to get harsh sentences for lessor offences.

While we can’t say that this is a fact, experience would suggest that those people with the more lenient sentences were properly represented by a professional paid lawyer. The lawyer has been able to understand the law that concerns them, what the sentencing principles say and to plead their case accordingly.

A good crime and traffic lawyer should be able to assist the Judge in arriving at a sentencing decision. They would do this by demonstrating to the Judge that they can arrive at that decision and on what basis that can be done.

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