A person can make a Guardianship application where it is necessary to take care of the welfare of another. This can involve a child or an elderly person and anywhere in between. Generally, a person who is not capable of maintaining their own welfare must have a Guardian appointed.

If you are concerned for a family member or a close friend’s welfare, you may be able to become their legal Guardian.

VCAT Application

Guardianship can be achieved by making an application to the Victorian Civil & Administrative Tribunal (VCAT). The extent of the application for a Guardianship arrangement can vary. A VCAT member will consider the Guardianship application and make a determination on it, which may include granting it, declining it, or granting it with variations to the initial application.

Being a legal Guardian is a position of trust. Consequently, a Guardian must maintain accountability and keep appropriate records. VCAT will require these records from time to time.

Being a Guardian is not only a position of great responsibility, but may also be demanding and time consuming. Therefore, you should carefully consider this position before requesting appointment.

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