Property Settlement

Mutual Settlement

An amicable property settlement is by far the best way to avoid time, money and emotional resources. If you have reached an amicable property settlement, we can turn that arrangement into a binding financial agreement. This agreement will ensure that the arrangement is legally enforceable.

Unable to Settle

An amicable settlement can be hard to achieve in a lot of circumstances. There is only one asset pool; if either side or both seek to take more from the pool than the pool can handle, then a dispute arises. Where this occurs, we can provide advice on how a Court may view your entitlement to the pool. We can then enter into negotiations on your behalf to achieve that entitlement. We are firm believers in mediation where disputes cannot be resolved, as it is never desirable for a dispute to proceed to Court. However, in some circumstances it does become necessary. Where this happens, we can assist you in this process by providing experienced Counsel and quality representation to help you achieve the results that you desire.

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