Executors and Beneficiaries

Executors and Beneficiaries


The role of the Executor is a very important and responsible position. The Executor is responsible for bringing to an end the deceased’s affairs, they are required to obtain the grant of Probate, call in Assets, pay liabilities and then distribute the proceeds and special bequests to the beneficiaries.

Bringing the Affairs to an end can sometimes be a complex task, especially where there are substantial and varied Assets that need to be called in. We can help with the process of bringing the deceased’s affairs to an end and ensuring that an appropriate search has been conducted to locate all Assets. We can obtain the Grant of Probate and ensure that the Estate is administered appropriately and efficiently.


Beneficiaries have little say in the administration of the Estate. Beneficiaries can take action if the Executor is failing to properly carry out their role, butthere would need to be sufficient evidence of this occurring.

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