Domains and the Web


Registering a Domain Name and setting up a website is something that most businesses and many individuals have now embraced. However, there are a vast range of domains available for use. When you establish a website you must decide whether to use .com,, .net or another address tag. Before you decide on your domain, you need to know the difference.

Legally there is a big difference. The difference comes about due to the jurisdiction of the tag. For example, a website address with a .com tag falls under American jurisdiction. While a tag will be an Australian jurisdiction.

This becomes a problem if there is a problem with the Domain Name. A good example is a recent matter that we handled, where a former Company Director held the registration details for the Company’s Website. Upon leaving the Company the former Director changed the registration passwords and continued to use the Site to then promote their new business.

Because the Website was we were able to use the AUDRP (AU Dispute Resolution Process). This process is designed to raise a dispute regarding ownership of the website and even covers areas such as regsitration where a person has no real entitlement.

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