‘Designs’ are the way that products look. This includes shape, configuration, pattern and ornamentation. Design rights are a form of Intellectual Property.

Registering a design

You can register designs under the Design Act 2003. Registration aims to protect a design that has an industrial or commercial use. It grants the owner exclusive rights to use, license or sell the design.

A design may not require registration. For example, copyright automatically protects your artwork. However, artwork applied to a product is considered a design. In such cases it will require registration to enable protection.

Registration is valid for 5 years from the date on which it is filed. Consequently, you should renew registration every 5 years in order to maintain protection of design rights. Once registered, a design may be examined for certification. Certification will then make the design rights legally enforceable. In order to be certified, a design should be “new and distinctive.”

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