Criminal Matters

Criminal Matters

General Crimes

We generally deal with minor type criminal matters such as thefts and assaults, but also cater for more serious crimes. However, we do NOT perform any legal aid work.

In any type of criminal matter the police must prove beyond reasonable doubt that you committed the crime. Our criminal experts can look at the charges laid out against you and the supporting evidence that is being adduced. It may be that the evidence is not sufficient to support the charges.

We can negotiate with the police or the prosecution to remove or reduce charges. If you intend on pleading guilty to a charge or charges, we can prepare your defence and present it in Court for you. There must be a reasonable defence in order to defend the matter. If your defence was not reasonable and you are found guilty, you will get a tougher sentence then if you had pleaded guilty.

If you intend on pleading guilty to a charge or charges, we can prepare a plea for you and present your plea to the Court. A plea sets out all of the good things about you that a Court will want to hear. The addition of references from various sources to support the plea being made further assists the Magistrate in finding you a person who is usually of good character.

Enforcement Agencies

Various offences are handled by other statutory bodies other than the police, who can prosecute you for different offences. This ranges from rural offences, like removing protected vegetation and taking water without a permit, to city type offences, such as tax evasion, fare evasion and failing to comply with the trustee requirements of a self-managed super fund.

Various statutory bodies are empowered to prosecute people and companies for many different types of offences. We can carefully look at what you are being prosecuted for, what the defences are to that prosecution and how we can apply those defences to your particular circumstances.

We can then negotiate to withdraw the charges with the statutory authority and prepare and present your defence at Court. If you are pleading guilty then we can prepare your plea and present it to the Court.

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