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Lawyers in Ringwood

Whether you’re looking to draft a will, apply for a divorce, or obtain a property settlement, Anthony Raso & Associates can provide the necessary legal assistance to ensure you meet your needs.

We are a legal firm based in the south eastern suburbs of Melbourne. As such, clients from Ringwood and surrounding areas come to our lawyers to receive quality legal services. We pride ourselves on delivering clear, comprehensive and easy-to-understand information based on you case, and as we understand that this may be a difficult time for many clients, we handle all cases delicately and with respect.

Areas of Law We Service

We cater for a range of legal issues that spans personal, domestic and commercial sectors. The following areas of law can be effectively managed by our lawyers near Ringwood:

  • Divorce & De-Facto Relationships
  • Guardianship
  • Wills & Probate
  • Commercial Law
  • Property Settlement
  • Crime and Traffic Matters
  • Power of Attorney
  • And more

No matter the gravity of your case, we will fully disclose your responsibilities, legal rights and the related processes to ensure you are well informed and that you stand the best chance at a successful outcome.

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Contact Anthony Raso & Associates on (03) 9763 6399 today to discuss your case. Alternatively, you can also contact us through our convenient online enquiry form.

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