About Us

Anthony Leo Raso established Antony Raso and Associates in 1977.

Originally located in Latrobe St Melbourne the Practice moved to the Scoresby Village in the Eastern suburbs of Melbourne in 1981. since then Anthony Raso and Associates has become a fixture of the Scoresby centre and the Outer Eastern suburbs of Melbourne as a whole. For many years the practice has served a wide range of people and businesses on a variety of matters. The team at Anthony Raso and Associates pride themselves on offering common sense, quality and competent management of every matter that they deal with.

At Anthony Raso and Associates no matter is too small, big or complex. We have the ability to evaluate and break down your legal matter to advise you on your chance of legal success and the best way to manage your matter. Not dealing with legal issues and getting into legal battles can be very expensive. At Anthony Raso and Associates we have a strong commitment and philosophy around litigation avoidance. We will always seek to avoid a battle. While we live in a world of complex rules and regulations common sense and experience prevails in resolving battles.

Our common sense approach, legal skills and experience can benefit you or your business with your legal needs. We are always pleased to talk to you about your legal requierments and we welcome your enquiry.




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